The Best Dog Breeds For Families With Young Children
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If you have a young family, you may be wondering which dog breeds are suitable for the home. This article will discuss some of the top choices. From Labrador retrievers to Boston Terriers, from Golden retrievers to Cocker Spaniels, there are many different options for families with young children. The author of Horse Wallpaper has a rescue puppy of the Andaluz Podenco breed who is now six years old and can confirm that they are perfect dogs for young children.


A Podenco is a loving and smothering creature who enjoys the company of humans and young children. They can be extremely gentle around children and love being with their masters. They are energetic and fun whilst also being perfect lap dogs. By nature, Spanish Podencos are intelligent, clownish and extremely loyal. They have a kind temperament around young children. They are very sensitive to human emotions and you will find that when you or a child is sad, they cuddle or lick to offer affection. Descending from the ancient Pharaoh Hounds of Egypt and their intuition to human feelings, there is something mystical about Podencos.

There are different types of Podencos, ranging from small size to long legged. Despite their affection for children, (like all untrained adult dogs!) Podencos are not good with small pets. Historically, Podencos have been bred by Spanish hunters to chase pray. Therefore, in terms of getting an adult Podenco or resuce, you must be careful as they are not recommended if you have cats or rabbits. A Podenco needs to be trained and socialized as a puppy to get along with other family pets.

Unfortunately, Podencos are the most abused dogs in Spain. They are referred to as the invisible working dogs. They are bred for hunting and kept in squalid conditions on chains. There are hundreds of abandoned or rescued dogs in Spain looking for adoption. You can find rescue dogs for adoption at Hope for Podencos.

Labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for families with young children. They are known for being friendly and affectionate around children and other pets. They enjoy being part of a family pack and are incredibly intelligent. These qualities make them an ideal family pet for active families. However, young Labs are very exuberant, so if you have small children, you may want to consider getting a more mature dog.

The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and is considered the best dog breed for families with young children. The Labrador is eager to please and bonds with everyone it meets. Even if your family doesn’t have children, the Labrador is always happy to see people and is always ready for a game.

Boston Terrier

If you’re looking for a playful and affectionate companion, the Boston Terrier is a good choice. These dogs have a charming personality and are friendly with people of all ages. In addition, they are good with children and other household pets. The outgoing temperament and playful nature of this dog breed will make it a great choice for families with young children.

While Boston Terriers are a great choice for young families, they are not suitable for children under the age of three. Children are often unsteady on their feet, and Boston Terriers can easily bowl them over. For this reason, it’s important to supervise play sessions with your child. However, older children should be fine with Boston Terriers as long as their parents supervise them.

Golden retrievers

The gentle nature of golden retrievers makes them an ideal family pet for young children. Even toddlers will get interested in the pup if they are used to seeing and playing with it. However, the new dog must be trained to be gentle with kids. This is not difficult, but it must be done under supervision. Children should be warned when their behavior is not acceptable and should be rewarded for good behavior.

Golden retrievers are easy to train and are great companions for young children. They can be trained to play well with children and are obedient. They do need regular brushing and exercise to keep them healthy.

Cocker Spaniel

A Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful and highly adaptable dog breed. These dogs have a cheerful disposition and enjoy playing with children and snuggling with their owners. Cockers also have a low prey drive, making them the perfect companion for families with small children. They are also highly trainable and adaptable.

These playful and affectionate dogs are the perfect family pet. They are low-maintenance and gentle, but they require a great deal of exercise. They are great with children of all ages and are very patient. Some mixed-breed dogs also make great companions for families with young children. This is because the genetic diversity of these dogs helps create a middle-ground personality, overcoming the strong traits of purebred dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A Berner dog is a very friendly and loving canine. The breed was originally used as a farm dog in the Swiss Alps, but today is popular as a family pet. It is easily trained, very energetic and great around children.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is about 2.5 feet tall and weighs 90 to 115 pounds. This gentle and affectionate breed is gentle but protective of its family. It also loves to play. It requires at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Since this breed is a large dog, early socialization and basic obedience training are important. Berners are easy to train, but harsh methods are not recommended.

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