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Often called a boot pull, the boot jack is a tool used to remove shoes or boots hands free. If you have a friend or family member who loves to wear boots they will benefit from a wood boot jack. Boots are designed to stay on your feet, but sometimes they can get dirty and you don’t want to get your hands dirty by taking them off. Bootjacks are a useful way to take off dirty boots, and they can also be used to clean or polish boots.

There are many different designs and styles of boot jacks that you can give as a gift for any occasion. Some are very simple and utilitarian while others are adorned with intricate designs and whimsical images. Bootjacks can be made out of wood, metal, or plastic. They are also available in square and rectangular shapes, and are very inexpensive. However, we recommend the wooden boot jack for gifting at christmas or birthdays.

The earliest boot jacks were made of cast iron, brass, or wood. They were a common tool on the ranch during the 19th century. They were also used in the military during World War I. These early boot jacks were typically not marked with the name of the maker or the date they were made. Most of the boot jacks that were produced in the United States were not marked with the maker’s name.

In the late 19th century, boot jacks were produced by local foundries. They were not made in large numbers. Most were made with slogans or brand names. These boot jacks are very rare today. The price of antique boot jacks can range from $285 to $5,308 on the high end.

Today, boot jacks are often made of plastic or wood. However, they can also be made of leather. Some people enjoy making their own bootjacks from wood. However, these require more time and effort. They also require more skill. A bootjack made out of wood will also need to be carved. If you are planning to make your own bootjack from leather, it is best to consult a professional.

There are two basic styles of bootjacks: the U-shaped mouth and the flat tang. The U-shaped mouth is used to hold the heel of the boot, while the flat tang is used to balance the boot on the other foot. In order to use the boot jack, the person using the device stands on the back of the device and places their foot on the flat tang. The other foot is then held in place by the horns on the boot jack. Once the boot is balanced, the user pulls their foot free from the boot.

Some bootjacks are made to look like animals, insects, and comic strip characters. They are also available in representational cast iron models. These bootjacks are especially popular with collectors.

Some bootjacks can be decorated with images cut from oak veneer. These images are then clamped to dry. The bottom of the image is then brushed with wood glue. A bootjack with an image of an insect is especially popular. The boot jack can also be decorated with a stone or turquoise insert. Decorative nails are also used to decorate some bootjacks.

Bootjacks are useful to boot wearers, and they can also help with arthritis, limited movement, and health issues. Bootjacks make it easy to remove dirty footwear, and they reduce the risk of damage to the footwear.

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