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If you want to make the most of your conservatory, you might consider putting in a play area. This will allow children to play outside during the warm months and enjoy nature at the same time. Besides playing with toys, you can also let them make crafts out of items found in the garden.

Hanging baskets create a jungle-like ambience

Hanging baskets are beautiful and practical ways to add colour and interest to your conservatory room. These versatile baskets hang from the ceiling or a wall, creating an indoor mini-jungle. Many of the plants that you can use are suitable for indoor gardens, as well as for outdoor spaces.

Plants with tropical foliage and colourful flowers will add a jungle-like ambiance to your conservatory room. Bird of paradise, for example, grows up to 2 metres indoors and has orange and blue flowers that look like the beaks of exotic birds.

Aloe vera tolerates low winter temperatures

Aloe vera is a succulent that is tolerant of low temperatures. It is best grown near a bright, sunny window. Be sure to rotate your plant every couple of months to ensure even lighting. Plants should receive at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. During the winter months, watering should be reduced to prevent root rot.

To ensure the health of your plant, move it indoors in mid-May or earlier if you’re concerned about its low-winter temperatures. After mid-May, it can be moved to a sunny room without fear of frost. Let it settle in its new location for a few weeks before bringing it back inside. Aloes prefer full sun, though they can tolerate part shade. Although they are native to poor soil, they do well in most soil types, as long as they have good drainage.

Pincushion cacti thrive in the summer heat

Pincushion cacti have spines that are arranged in a Fibonacci pattern and give them a unique, crown-like appearance. This species is hardy in USDA hardiness zones nine to 11. It can be planted in containers up to three inches deep, but be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Although this cactus is fairly hardy, it is susceptible to several pests and diseases. These include scale insects, which can do severe damage to the plant.

Pincushion cacti can be propagated from seeds or offsets. To ensure the plant’s longevity, avoid planting it in a soil mix that has too much moisture. A dry, well-drained soil will ensure proper growth and avoid problems such as root rot. Make sure to protect it from excessive rain and direct sunlight as well.

Mexican beauty

The Mexican beauty yucca is an excellent addition to your conservatory garden. This spiky plant grows on wires and trellises and produces flowery foliage throughout the summer. There are dwarf varieties available that are suitable for small conservatories. These plants produce tiny, white flowers surrounded by brightly colored bracts.

Stacking shelving

For the conservatory room, you can choose either a single piece of shelving or stacking shelving units. If you want to display plants, choose shelves that have generous spacing between them. This will allow air to circulate and is perfect for taller plants. Stacking shelving units can be purchased in various colors to match your conservatory furniture.

In addition to shelving units, you can also incorporate a large dining table. Be sure to allow enough space to place chairs around the central table. Alternatively, you can invest in cocoon chairs or swing chairs. These are ideal for a conservatory room, as they offer a cocooning style and are mobile. You can move them indoors when you want to relax in the shade or move them outdoors when you want some sun.

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